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Something completely different!
A holiday by the water's edge!

home1.jpg‘Het Smidsvuur' has cosy Scandinavian style rooms available for rent at very affordable prices.

The guesthouse can accommodate 32 guests and additional accommodation can be had by placing extra beds in rooms or by accommodating guests in rooms in other guesthouses within walking distance from ‘Het Smidsvuur'.

These possibilities make ‘Het Smidsvuur' the ideal place for a family reunion group accommodation.

Should you need privacy the exclusive partial renting of ‘Het Smidsvuur' guesthouse is possible that includes the use of a private kitchen, a bar, a relaxation area and a sauna/solarium.

Groups, familie's etc can rent the whole guesthouse for themselfs.

Guesthouse ‘Het Smidsvuur'
Bed en Brochje. A group accommodation and a holiday home in one!


We hope you enjoy your visit and feel yourselves at home during your stay in "Het Smidsvuur".
If you have questions or remarks about your stay please feel free and contact us so we can adjust to your wishes.

Hope to see you in guesthouse, B&B, and groupsaccommadation "Het Smidsvuur" !!!!!

Martin Pieterman & Ellie Brand